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SML Gas Springs

Gas springs of SML GAS offer the world's most advanced technology, guaranteeing longer gas cylinder life than other products on the market.

SML Gas offers products that meet all kinds of approval tests and confirm that our cylinders last longer.

SML Gas Springs

Our company Bora Mold Elements, established in Bursa, has become one of the most important producers of gas springs.

SML Gas provides its customers with maximum technical support by instantly responding to any application assistance or questions regarding its products.

Connection Equipments

By combining our know-how and experience with advanced technology machinery, it has adopted to offer more quality products to its customers.

Our company has an expert staff that has been producing gas cylinders since the day it was founded.


It has become a well-known brand in a short time with the importance it attaches to quality and timely delivery of the connection equipment

You can always contact us about fasteners.

Bora Kalıp Elemanları

By combining our knowledge and experience with advanced technology machinery, we aim to offer highest quality products to our clients. Our company, having a team of experts, have been producing mold gas cylinders since the day it was founded. Thanks to our strong focus on our quality principles and our determination that welcomes any challenge, we have been a recognized as a major contributor in our sector in a short time. Thanks to our rich stock variety, we offer variety of gas springs, connectors and fittings.

SML Gas Springs F.A.Q.

What is SML GAS Springs?
SML Gas Springs are the brand name for our entire range of press tool gas springs. Unlike a typical metal spring, a gas spring is housed inside a cylinder filled with compressed gas. By compressing the spring using gas and a piston, SML Gas Springs can apply more force than standard springs.
How Do Gas Springs Work?
Gas Springs work in line with physics rule of: Force = Pressure x Area. Therefore, by compressing nitrogen into the cylinder surrounding the spring, Springs work by making this internal pressure greater than the external pressure surrounding it. This pressure difference ultimately creates an outward force on the rod, which encourages the gas spring to expand. On the move - the expansion or contraction of the rod - The gas inside the spring cylinder is passed through a small hole in the mechanism that allows nitrogen to be displaced from one side of the cylinder to the other, providing greater control while the gas spring is in use.
Where are Gas Springs Using?
Gas Springs are frequently used in various sectors and production units such as the automotive sector, the household appliances and consumer goods sector, and especially in the mold sector.